Vote to promote Alex Waygood

Jelle (@Jelle) and I propose promoting Alex Waygood (@AlexWaygood) to core developer.

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Alex. Alex gained triage permissions in Dec 2021. He quickly learned the workflows of our project and he has been actively triaging issues on CPython. He has written a significant amount of high-quality documentation, and actively participates in typing discussions. He is also a documentarian in the docs community and part of the python-proofreaders team, which is responsible for reviewing English writing in docs PRs. Alex is also a typeshed maintainer and a mypy triager. His expertise in typing is well appreciated by me and Jelle.

Most importantly, Alex is someone who’s great to work with. I think the CPython team and community would greatly benefit having him as a core dev.

His Github profile:

Some stats: He’s participated in over 180 issues

He has over 40 commits in CPython:

This poll will be open till 13 October.

  • Promote Alex Waygood
  • Don’t promote Alex Waygood

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I’ve collaborated with Alex on a lot of documentation updates, and I always appreciate his reviews and suggestions. He will be a great addition to our team!


The vote has passed unanimously. I will now bring this up to the steering council for their final decision. Congrats Alex!!!


FYI the SC has approved Alex and I reached out to him for his details to grant him his privileges, but I have not heard back yet.


I heard back from @AlexWaygood ! I have flipped the switches.


Thank you everybody for your confidence in me! I’m honoured and hugely excited to be joining the team :smiley:


Hey Alex!

So glad to have you on the team!



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