Vote to promote Barney Gale

I am nominating Barney Gale (@barneygale, and on GitHub) as a core developer. Barney has been contributing primarily towards pathlib for a number of years, and volunteered about a year ago to become maintainer. Antoine was supportive, and since then I’ve been making sure Barney’s contributions are at core-dev levels of care, awareness, and stability.

Last week I casually asked him to merge his own PR, as I’d completely forgotten that he wasn’t a committer, so I can’t really argue that he’s not ready!

Most of Barney’s contributions have been towards pathlib, as expected, and recently he’s been closing a number of very weird edge cases in path parsing and combining, as well as optimisations to runtime performance and user subclassing. None of these are easy to decide on, and all require deep empathy for how the code is intended to be used and how it likely has been used. Most of the time, Barney’s initial proposals have ended up being the final implementation, and he’s shown willingness to ask questions before diving into something he’s not as certain about.

I would be quite happy to have him as part of the team, and officially titled as our current pathlib maintainer/expert.

  • Promote Barney Gale
  • Do not promote

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I agree that Barney’s work has been excellent and support him joining as a core dev. I do hope the promotion (and his mentors!) will encourage him to spread his attention to other areas. I’m sure there are many areas where his attention to detail and stick-to-it-iveness would be welcome.


I guess I should add that he expressed an interest in urllib as well. I haven’t seen any work there myself, but maybe others have? We could certainly do with it though, so I’ll encourage it :slight_smile:


This makes me sad… I’d hoped I could be the one to nominate Barney :grinning:

Barney has contributed a huge amount towards pathlib in the last few years, shows no sign of slowing down, and somehow manages to be the nicest person on the internet at the same time. His nomination has my full support.


Get in line. :wink:


The poll has closed and I’ve emailed the steering council with the official proposal.


The SC approves of Barney’s promotion, so I will start the process of getting Barney their commit rights!


Thank you so much, everyone. I’ll give it my best! :slight_smile: