Wanting a singular packaging tool/vision

So, please don’t take this as confrontational, but what is your perspective on the intersection of what you say here and what you said in another thread (what I put in brackets is summarizing the context):

That’s a case where the issue is two and a half years old, and there’s a pull request that’s more than a year old, as you say the decision has already been made, but it’s apparently stuck with no one who has the time to review it. And as far as I can tell it’s not anything corporate-driven or anything like that.

Do you think that’s an okay situation for Python packaging to be in going forward? Or do you see some way for PyPI to avoid such situations going forward while still operating on an all-volunteer basis?

Obviously this is only a single case, but to me that kind of thing is worrisome, especially seeing the minimal-response brush-off from the PSF about why the work can’t be funded even when someone is willing to do the legwork to raise the money themselves.