Web scaping with actions

Hi, I’m looking for informations, documentation, tutorials, code examples, ecc. about:

  1. Scraping a web with an entry login and only a single changing page to scrape with only a field.
  2. Extract in real time this field in the page and click a button for change it
  3. Make an if condition that starts an action on the page (insert a sentence in a blank field)
    I used “octoparse” but It can’t self made actions and if conditions on the files scrape.

Have a look at selenium. You can use it to do the web part of the program you are describing.


Dear @barry-scott … I took a look and I was stunned!!! It seems very very interesting! Thank you very mauch and If you can suggest to me a great tutorial I’m very grateful. D

Thankyou @vovavili … I start to study!!

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