Webview2 Testing

I have an application developed using webview2.
It is a web application that would be driven by Microsoft Edge(Chromium). It would give a feel of Native/Desktop app
instead of web app to the end user.

I want to automate testing for this app using Python/Robot framework.
I found an documentation which uses Dotnet, Selenium and Edge drivers for testing it.

Can someone help how can we write below code in Python and Robot to test the same using Selenium Library:

I urgently need a help on this topic…
Appreciate your directions on it

@Bhavnasewani I think I have a solution for you to try. I was able to use @damies13 's example with a bit of modification to make this all work in selenium 3 (Seems Appium library isn’t fully compatible in selenium 4 yet in my testing).

This has been merged to master and can be installed with:

pip install robotframework-zoomba --upgrade

I have a demo script using the sample application provided by microsoft located in ~/samples/WebView-DesktopTest.robot. This script shows how to open the application, control the webview layer, and also control the application layer.

Let me know if that works for your app or any other thoughts / suggestions.