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Hello! I am new to Python but not new to programming. I am using an RPi4 with its built-in Python, and I am confused by the tkinter documentation. I will be posting questions to help clarify the situation. Thanks, Mr. Rossem & Co. for a reasonable, rational programming language.

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Welcome all :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay, and don’t hesistate to ask questions in the appropriate sub-category. Apologies in advance if we can’t get to all of them, there is a large volume and not enough people to answer. So it is very appreciated if you can provide help to others if able!

(This can help your question be answered too, as the less volume of easy-to-answer questions there are, the more of a chance that more difficult questions will have time/resources to be addressed)

Hello, I am a college student studying Computer Engineering Technology learning python. Good to be here!