Welcome to Discourse, say hi!

Welcome! - Cameron Simpson cs@cskk.id.au

Hi everyone,

I’m a student at St. Leo University and I’m just here so I won’t get fined. Have a nice day!

What do you mean by fined?

Welcome to the forum, but your words disturb me :slight_smile:

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Good evening everyone, I am also a Saint Leo student joining in to say hello! I have much to learn about Python, currently have little experience with it.

Hello Python community. I am an SLU student currently working towards a BS.CIS degree. I am fairly new to Python programming but am also taking a PowerOn training for work. A lot of what I am learning in that training goes hand in hand with what I am starting to learn in my Python Programming course. Anyways, just wanted to stop by to say “Hi!”


Hey all, happy to be in the community :slight_smile:

greet_all = (f'hey {member}' for member in members )

for member in greet_all:


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Hi everyone at Python Discourse,
My name is Matt and I’m a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry.
I taught myself some Python a few years ago to automatically ‘test’ an Excel spreadsheet and haven’t done much since. After a long-term illness, I have recently picked-up Python scripting again, but now I’m using it to teach my daughter about mathematics, solving problems, logic (and of course Python)…she is only 10 years old and I’m still a beginner, so it is a bit like the blind leading the blind :face_with_spiral_eyes:.
My most recent effort was to show the probability of the result from rolling two dice (after I lost game of Monopoly against her)…I’ll leave that discussion for now and post something under Help.
For now, this is just a hello to everyone and thanks for your interesting posts so far - I cannot help anyone yet, but love the fact that Python offers so many solutions to one problem! Cheers for now. Matt

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Hello all,

I am currently studying Python while working on my computer science degree. I hope to be able to collaborate with some of you in the near future.

Greetings! I am a student studying python and I’m just saying “Hi”.

Hello, I am a student with Saint Leo University, I have had a few programming classes. C++ and Java. My questions is what are some of the major differences between those languages and Python? Is there a difference in how data types are represented? can the data types be converted from one type to another?

Hello - Python Student Here.

Hi. I am a Saint Leo University student and am posting to Discourse for the first time about Python. I look forward to learning much about the course as well as learning from this platform. Thanks!

I am a student learning Python saying hi!

Hello Everyone, I am a current student at Saint Leo University and new to learning python.

Hello everyone! I am a student from SLU learning python.

Hello everyone! My name is Devin. I am a student at Saint Leo University learning about Python.

Dropping in to say HI. I am a student enrolled in a Python course and I have used python many times in the past but am no where as proficient as I would like to be.

Hello Everyone! My name is Christian; I am a student at Saint Leo taking a Python programming course! I can’t wait to learn more than the basics of Python!

Hello, Im a student learning python