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Hi. My name is Bryan and I am a student taking a class in Python programming, I have no experience in Python Programming.

Hello everyone. I am a college student learning Python. I can’t wait to learn a new programming language.

Hello, new users @emadaris, @jenahohman2023, @CrissandraL, @lispx, @devin.cave, @jstrange23, @Stinson151, @Jamye100, @BRYAN, and @Jalenpope25, and welcome to Python Discourse!

We wish you all success with learning Python, and that you enjoy the discussions here.

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Hi all,
I’m a student from Saint Leo, first time learning how to program in Python. I look forward to learning this programming language with the help. Love that there’s a group for this!

Hello World,
New Python student learner here. Looking forward to joining the community.

Hi, My name is Shelsy. I am a student learning Python.

Hello Everyone! I am a student learning Python. I hope everyone is doing well.