What about Zulip?

Do we plan to keep Discourse+Zulip?

According to

Zulip will act as a replacement for IRC whereas discourse is for the mailing lists.


I don’t think dropping Zulip or not needs to be an edict. If people keep using it and it serves a unique role then fine. If Discourse fills it well enough and Zulip stops being used organically, that’s also fine.


I dislike Zulip. Me and others still use IRC :slight_smile: You cannot fully replace a communication channel, only promote it enough to make sure that the critical mass moves to the new shiny one :slight_smile:

Ok. We will see. I agree that there is no need to decide it right now. But I had to ask the question.

Another Discourse team member here :wave:

Just for the record, we think of chat & forum platforms as highly complementary. One does not replace the other:


I just installed Zulip yesterday from a Docker container (for my own testing purposes).

I love it so far, but be warned it’s CPU hungry. If a giant community were to all pile onto Zulip, that had better be a beefy Zulip server (or servers, say maybe splitting out the DB onto a second server).

The good thing is we’re using the hosted zulip, (not running our own servers) so I don’t think we need to worry about the infrastructure part.

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