What are some things I can do to become a better PHP programmer?

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Ditch PHP and start using Python. Or learn to choose your discussion forums more carefully.


Got it thanks.

FYI, the account you replied to seems a bit suspicious. Most of its posts are trying to drive traffic to some site called interviewbit, including the original post in this thread, though the link has since been removed.

Might be spam.

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I thought I might have been, but apparently it likes responding to other bots, so… that’s a minor win.

I am a newbie here who is trying to learn more.

Tell us how many knees a man with no legs has got. Otherwise we will think you are a computer program.

@abessman I’m not entirely sure about that.

Somebody edited the original post in this thread, after it was first posted. I presume it was the original poster, since surely an admin would have removed the whole post rather than merely fix a grammatical error.

Some oddities with the Discuss software:

  • When not logged in, I can click the pencil icon to see the edits to the post, but the edits shown do not match the diffs between the post as emailed out, and the post as it appears on the website.
  • When logged in, clicking the pencil icon opens a pop-up window but no content is rendered.
  • Reporting the post also hides it, which is potentially open to abuse.
  • And also disables the pencil icon, which means now I can no longer see the post edit history and have to go by memory.
  • My previous reply, made only a few minutes ago, shows up as 21 hours old. Good to see that Discuss’ email interface is so extensively tested! /s

This is why it’s so much better than email, you see. With email, things are boring and simple - sent emails don’t get edited, and that’s that. Nobody likes boring.

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