What are the data types in Python?

I am very confused about these datatypes?

Please expound.

can anyone explain clearly and completely

@bernard343 FYI, these two users used to post series of short and very general questions like that. It was suspected that they were farming answers to job interview questions.

Its likely copyright infringement, as it is taken from another site and the amount is more than a short except allowed by fair use, and possibly is spam for that site. Furthermore, this is an old, inactive thread and very little of the post has much to do with the actual question asked. The actual Python docs linked have far more to do with that. Therefore, it is likely spam, a bot or other unwanted activity.

Right. I admit I didn’t read all of the new post initially. So we have bots replying to spam :slight_smile:

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Funny enough, while it doesn’t appear to be the case here, actually one bot asking a spammy question and other bots replying with answers that recommend or otherwise get users to click on a spam/scam website/service is actually a very common spam tactic these days, as it increases credibility in the eyes of both potential victims and website operators who are not aware of how it works.