What are usual onboarding process for new core dev / bug triage?

I might want to build the bot to do all of these, so trying to figure out the exact workflow.

I think these are the usual workflow for adding new core dev, please clarify:

  • add the user to Python core team on GitHub (can be automated via GitHub’s API)
  • add the user to python-committers mailing list (can be automated via mailman’s API
  • flip the is_committer bit in bpo (not sure if there is API?)
  • announce the new core dev by writing to python-committers mailing list (can be automated)
  • update developer log (it is possible to automate this)
  • welcome and send them literature like core dev responsibilities, info about language summit/Pycon, etc (can be automated)
  • add to Committers section in discourse (probably can be automated? I haven’t fully researched Discourse’ API)
  • ??? what else?

Workflow for adding new bug triager:

  • (new) add the user to Python triage team on GitHub (can be automated)
  • announce the new triager to python-committers (can be automated)
  • flip the “developer” role in bpo (not sure if there is API)
  • welcome and send them literature like triager role and responsibilities (can be automated)
  • ??? what else?

As you can see most of these routine tasks can be done by bot.
While I’m not the one who usually onboard a new core dev, I’ve volunteered myself to be maintainer of the Python triage team on GitHub, and personally I prefer having my personal assistant bot to do it.

Nope, not that I’m aware of.

Would it potentially be helpful to have a mentoring process for the role, similar to the mentoring process that new core developers receive? Especially since some of the labels on GitHub can create or prevent actions from the bots, it might be helpful for a core dev to be temporarily assigned to watching over the actions of the new triager and provide feedback.

Eventually, once there are enough members of the triage team with experience, perhaps an experienced triager could mentor new triagers instead of having to rely on the core devs to do so. Since I helped to work on the role summary and am currently working on a guide for the labels, I would be glad to help new triagers in the future (or bpo developers that are less experienced with the GitHub workflow), but at the moment there’s a lot that I’m still learning.