What do the colored numbers by topics mean?

What do the color of the message counts mean? For example, 105 is brighter than 21 which is brighter than 107.

I can’t figure out any correlation with age of the message, or number of replies. Maybe it’s a sentiment analysis of how angry the replies are :thinking:?

It’s very difficult to search for information on Discourse the product.

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I noticed that the other day. If you hover your mouse over the number there’s a tooltip - the more yellow/orange numbers mean basically a high proportion of “likes” to postings.

I’m not sure how useful it is (was the original post liked, or was it awful and there were lots of likes on posts criticising it?) but I guess it stems from the “likes are good” logic that’s common in social media.


Thanks, @pf_moore, that’s good to know. I agree there’s not a lot of value there. But I guess people like to be liked.

I’m on iOS, so not a lot of mouse hovering!