What is break, continue and pass in Python?

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  • Python break and continue are used inside the loop to change the flow of the loop from its normal procedure.
  • A for-loop or while-loop is meant to iterate until the condition given fails. When you use a break or continue statement, the flow of the loop is changed from its normal way.
  • A break statement, when used inside the loop, will terminate the loop and exit. If used inside nested loops, it will break out from the current loop.
  • A continue statement, when used inside a loop, will stop the current execution, and the control will go back to the start of the loop.
  • The main difference between break and continue statement is that when break keyword is encountered, it will exit the loop.
  • Python Pass Statement is used as a placeholder inside loops, functions, class, if-statement that is meant to be implemented later.
  • Python pass is a null statement. When the execution starts and the interpreter comes across the pass statement, it does nothing and is ignored.