What is kernel in Spyder

I just noticed that there is an option in Ribbon tab of Spyder as Restart Kernel and Connect to existing Kernel.

If I click on Connect to existing Kernel it gives me a dialogue box to select a path.
Can anyone please help me understand what is Kernel, thanks.

It is probably related to IPython. You would need to check this search in the Spyder documentation to be sure.

As much of the advice in this forum is general Python advice, you may find it easier to get answers about specific technologies, tools and libraries by asking people in the forums or mailing lists for those projects. For example, on the Spyder website there is a chat that you can open at the bottom-right of the page where you can ask others for help or advice about Spyder.

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Hi @dboddie , thanks for the help. Have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile: