What is PATH and should I use it with Python?

Hello everyone, this is the second part to a post actually, but don’t go away, I need help with what is being addressed in the title

I am an amateur programmer, and was looking for some help on an issue (Link1) but unfortunately the kind man choosing to help me has quit replying, and I haven’t been able to get any answers, so hopefully I can get python reinstalled and start working on the things he recommended, feel free to read the original post this stems from if you wish, but I don’t know if it’ll much if at all to my question.
I got a checkbox when reinstalling python that asks “Add Python 3.9 to PATH?”, Should I consider doing this? And what does it do?
All I’ve found is it has to deal with certain computer variables and that it may help with various things.

A big thanks to all replies, hopefully we can sort this out.

PATH is an environment variable that holds all directories where the Windows shell will search for an executable when you type in a command. Adding Python to PATH is useful if you know how to work with the command line (Windows Powershell in the case of Windows) and want be able to use Python this way.

See for example:

Ah, very interesting, seeing as there isn’t much of a downside and it’s something to try I’ll definitely add Python to PATH, thanks Jeanas!