What is the best way to upgrade an old version of python

I have 2.7 version of Python installed on my computer and many projects built on that version. What would be the best way to upgrade cleanly and get rid those old projects.

This is probably better on the Users topic, not the Ideas topic. It’s
not really an idea for improving Python.

Are you sure you want to “get rid of those old projects”? If you want to
get rid of them, you can just delete them like you would delete any
other files.

As far as upgrading goes, the best way is going to depend on many

  • your OS (Linux, Windows, Mac)

  • whether you are using the system python that the OS requires

  • whether your OS provides a clean upgrade path

etc. But without knowing the answers to those questions, my advice would
be don’t touch the python 2.7 installation, leave it there, and install
Python 3.9 as a new installation.

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