What is the code for __init__.py (inbuild code )

code for Init.py

Sorry Jesse, I have no idea what question you are asking.

What do you mean, “What is the code for init.py (inbuild code )”?

Are you asking what code you should put in it? Any code you like,
including no code at all. Can you explain your question in more detail

hi @ steven thanks for your answer i was asking the inbuild code of init.py for making games

Hi Jesse,

Nope, sorry, your answer hasn’t cleared things up at all.

What do you mean by “the inbuild code of init.py”? I have no clue
what that means. Can you show me an example?

Like @steven.daprano said, your question is not clear.

Anyway, if you are asking what init.py is, check this out python - What is __init__.py for? - Stack Overflow

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