Wheel dropping Python 2 support

In a long overdue move, I’m dropping Python 2 support in wheel. I initially planned to do this in v1.0, but as I keep getting sidetracked with other projects, I’ve decided to do this already in the v0.x series. This has let me remove many awkward compatibility hacks, and upgrade the vendored packaging library to its latest release. These changes will appear in the v0.38.0 release.

What’s still a bit unclear to me is whether wheel can use isolated builds. Last time I tried that, we received lots of error reports. Hopefully now the ecosystem is ready for this. Setuptools at least already has a pyproject.toml file in its repository, so I’m fairly confident that this could work.



Can you elaborate on the implications of this? Will v0.38.0 be
unable to create py2 wheels? What about “universal” py2.py3 wheels?

You can still use it to create wheels that work on py2/py3, but you can only create them on Python 3.7+.