When run exe file shows virus detected and auto delete this file by windows defender antivirus

I created exe file using auto-py-to-exe. This exe file works in same operating system windows 11. But when i run this exe file in window 10 then it shows virus detected and then auto deleted this file by windows defender.

You can submit the .exe for review by microsoft so they can under windows defender. I guess choosing software developer here: Submit a file for malware analysis - Microsoft Security Intelligence

Thanks sir, for your reply.
I will use this link.
But this is only for windows defender antivirus. What about for any other antivirus. Should i share exe file to every antivirus developer for analysis. Is there any other solution so we can do at our end in code and can check and make sure no all antivirus detect it as a virus.

I would only submit to the windows defender as that is what you are using.
If someone else sees an issue ask them what anti-virus they use and submit to them for analysis.