When will the results of the governance vote be announced?

I just checked PEP 8001 and couldn’t see a date for when the vote results would be announced, or where. Is it mentioned somewhere, and I just missed it? I assume there’s no need for much delay after the vote closes, as the results are calculated electronically?

Also, where will the announcement be posted?


The election polling will close in just over an hour from right now. Once closed the results will be available for review at the link provided for voters.

I’ll be closing the poll while commuting, and will collect the results and publish them in a topic here that will be delivered to Python-Committers mailing list as well around 3 hours from now (14:00 UTC).


I’m not surprised by the winning result PEP 8016 @njs . I’m glad that the second one is the community PEP @ambv. Also congrats @Mariatta for the third place.


Announcement has been posted here on discuss.python.org as well as the python-committers list


Thanks! Looks like I was basically just confused about when the “AOE” time period ended :slight_smile: