Where to ask question about MariaDB connector for Python?

I’ve had a quick look at the categories here and I’m unsure whether this forum is the right place to ask so thought I’d ask first about where best of ask this question: “pip3 install mariadb fails on Centos 7 with MariaDb 10.6.5 and Python3”. Linux not my speciality so no idea whether this is a Mariadb, Centos, Python or pip question.

It may well be any of these. If pip3 is not found, ask for support for CentOs. If the install complains about the connector missing, support for MariaDB. Or pip3 may not be able to find a version compatible with your Python version, back to CentOs. Python may fail with some error (pip is a Python program itself), go for pip/python support.

Just start somewhere. If needed, you will be redirected. Share errors, traceback etc. when available.

It looks like a compile error to me - missing library. I’m leaning towards a Python error - I’ll raise a post here.