Which HTTP/REST framework to use for async OpenAI development?

Hello community! I’m interested in creating a RESTful API for an AI assistant that uses OpenAI’s API. OpenAI’s more recent additions to their API tend to use async function. For example, create_and_poll does, which I’ve discussed over here: Create_and_poll with function calling? - #8 by roccha - API - OpenAI Developer Forum

I’ll keep this short, but what python HTTP framework is popular these days that supports asynchronous functions? (Please excuse me if my terminology is a bit off.) FastAPI seems like a contender. Any recommendations? I don’t need a full MVC framework – it’s just going to be an API.


I’ve been using FastAPI and httpx for this and have had a good experience so far.

If FastAPI’s annotation-heavy style isn’t for you, I think the framework FastAPI is built on (starlette) lists some other derived frameworks on their website: https://www.starlette.io/third-party-packages/