Why does python -mbuild still complain

So, I created a pyproject.toml, added “build” to my file requirements_dev.txt, moved almost everything from setup.py into setup.cfg, and typed python -mbuild.

It still prints:

WARNING setup.py install is deprecated. Use build and pip and other standards-based tools.
*** Installing packages in isolated environment... (setuptools>=42, wheel)**

What is the point of having this warning if there is no way to convince it you have transitioned?

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requirements-dev.txt only specifies packages to be installed, and must be explicitly passed (is pip install -r requiremnts-dev.txt). Once build is installed, you can then ignore this file.

To use modern Python packaging standards, you must specify the build back-end, for example (using setuptools):

# pyproject.toml
build-backend = "setuptools.build_meta"
requires = ["setuptools >= 42.0"]

I don’t think this is a technical issue, because my build does work. However it may be in the wrong group; my apologies. My point is that users will be mystified by how to shut-up that message.

Running “python -mbuild” works. But it still prints the WARNING message. In fact, this message persists even if I entirely remove setup.py

As a user, I am mystified. And since I am a very sophisticated user, I know others will be as well.

I shouldn’t have to read the setuptools source to figure out why this message persists.

I’m fairly sure that warning only appears when you haven’t fully transitioned. If you have, then it’s a bug.

Again, to be fully transitioned, you need to specify build-backend in your pyproject.toml.

If I recall correctly, the warning can be unintentionally shown under some combinations of non-current versions of the key packaging dependencies (build, wheel, setuptools, pip, pep517, packaging, etc), and was fixed in up to date versions. I cannot reproduce it running python -b -X dev -m build on the projects I tested with all up to date deps. I suggest running build again in a fresh environment with fully up to date deps, and seeing if you can reproduce it. If so, please report it to the package triggering the warning, with a full pip list, output, platform and Python version in formation, and a project on which you reproduced it. Thanks.

Great, thanks!

I am going to convert my only public project to use a build-backend. I think it lacks my “PurgeCommand” which I asked about before, and so it will be much more vanilla. If the issue occurs in the open source version, then let’s talk.