Why is line of topic pale grey - is topic not allowed?

Hi - no offense - why are some threads pale grey ?

Is there something wrong or too offensive ?

How can I edit the headline of a thread ?

maybe you should input the screenshot
beacuse I don’t know what happen in your coding

I think it means that you have read the thread, or at least opened it.

This thread is solved - WYSIWYG is now normal. Instead of pale grey
its colour is normal text-black.
Pale grey means obviously - it is on hold - for checking by admin.
Or it is still to be edited somehow ?!

When I view the Users forum I see this thread with a light grey title. I also see other threads with light grey titles.

When I view a thread with a black title and scroll down right to the end, then I look at the threads in the User forum again, the thread I viewed now has a light grey title. This is because it is being displayed using a CSS style for visited threads.

There is nothing I can see that indicates any input from an admin.

OK. Now is all clear.