Why wont this script work?

So when i go to terminal and run this script and do the first option it prints nothing (image of what it prints below)

import colorama
from colorama import Fore, Back, Style
import time
import sys, subprocess
import random

abusers = ['ehutr85839', 'jacob24958']

option = input("1. Gen Abuser 2. Add Abuser : ").lower()
if option == "1":
    subprocess.run('cls', shell=True)
    subprocess.run('cls', shell=True)
    f = open('targets.txt', 'a')
    user = input('Enter Abuser/Abusers Username : ')

I don’t see anything useful in the image you’ve attached. It’s better to cut and paste anyway.

I’m guessing (and it’s a pretty wild guess without output to look at) that you want a file_.readlines() in option 1.

You likely want to print() your random choice too.

Also, in option 2, if you don’t write some sort of delimiter character it’ll become much harder to tell one username from another. I recommend ‘\n’.

BTW, why are you string.lower()'ing numbers?

The image i attached is what i see if i run choice 1 btw how would you use file_.readlines() and print a random choice from it? also im not sure why i used :lower() i removed it though

Please cut and paste the error - or at least attach an image that shows some text. But really, cut and paste is better.