Windows 11 pip install 403 SSL required

Just got a new computer with windows 11, (python version 3.11.1; pip version 22.3.1) I’m trying to install pywin using “pip install pywin”. I get the error “urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: SSL is required” how do I get past that? I tried downloading pywin from, changing HTTP to HTTPS in and installing from that directory, but it got a parameter error after that. (note: already used HTTPS)

Any thoughts?

I’m not sure pywin is what you expect it to be, but it is intended for Pythons 2.5-3.3, not 3.11, and is superseded by the py launcher that is installed with Python 3.11.

Are you perhaps looking for pywin32 instead?

Ah, that’s it! It’s imported as pywin in python, and been so long since I installed it on my old computer, I just didn’t realize. Thank You!

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