Winerror 2 filenotfounderror

this is my code in visual code studio:

import music21
from music21 import note, stream
n1 = note.Note(‘C4’)

and i have an error :
Exception has occurred: FileNotFoundError
[WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified
File “D:\PythonClassesVsC\the_Basics\”, line 5, in

can anyone help me please

I would guess that there is no file named ‘C4’ in the directory where
your code is running
. Note that I know nothing about the music21
module, it is possible that it automaticaly adds a file extension to the
string ‘C4’, etc.

Do you know where your python code is being run?

Try with a full path to where the ‘C4’ file is, also.

Maybe change your code to this to see more information:

import os
import music21
from music21 import note, stream
print("CWD =", os.getcwd())
## n1 = note.Note('C4')
n1 = note.Note('C:/path/to/C4')

Obviously adjust C:/path/to/C4 to match where your music file is.

Note, if you use Windows backslash separators () instead of forward
slashes (/) you will find it easier to use “raw strings”:


That leading r' marks the string as a “raw string” - the Python
interpreter will not treat backslashes in the string specially, whereas
normal behaviour is that some backslash escapes have meaning in a
normal string. For example:


is an ‘a’, a newline, a ‘b’. As a raw string:


the string contains an ‘a’, a backslash, an ‘n’, a ‘b’.

Because the Windows path separator (backslash) is also the Python
normal-string escape character, it is better to use “raw strings” for
literal Windows paths to avoid accidents.

Cameron Simpson

‘C4’ is not a file it is exists in music21.note.Note
and its means the DO in music
and i cant know here i installed the music21 because when i search i didint find it

Your program works fine for me. Make sure you don’t have any files in your current directory that interfere with the imports. So you don’t want a file named “” or “”.