Would adding `converter` to `dataclass_transform` even need a PEP?

Now that PEP 712: Adding a "converter" parameter to dataclasses.field is dead (long live converters :crown: ) I would like to propose adding them to dataclass_transform’s field_specifiers’ parameters (these bad boys).

Do we even need a PEP? If not, what’s the next step (just this thread)?

I think this wouldn’t need a PEP; it can be done with a change to the spec section you linked, following the process in GitHub - python/typing-council: Decisions by the Python Typing Council.

The main thing we’d need is a concrete proposed change to the spec, so we know exactly what is being proposed. Before we incorporate the change into the spec, ideally there should also be an implementation in at least one type checker.

Will do, thanks!

Add support for PEP 712 by debonte · Pull Request #5034 · microsoft/pyright · GitHub h/t @debonte @erictraut