X-axis gving a weird valueon the cursor

Bear in mind i am still new to python. I have a python code which plases a cursor on my waveform. I need to get x-axis in this case x=22:24:24

as shown on the attachment. But i am getting 1.4e+04 and i am conused as to where it is coming from. Since i am still new
i would prefer a clear answer as i dont understand deep programing. Here is the part that plot this figure

    #This part lets the user correct the over estimated amplitude and returns the correct amplitude. User should click on the ampl
    fig = plt.figure(figsize=(12, 14))
    ax = fig.add_subplot(1, 1, 1)
    ax.plot(tr5.times("matplotlib"), tr5.data, "green")


    #defining the cursor
    cursor = Cursor(ax, horizOn = True, vertOn=True, color='red', linewidth=1, useblit=True)

    #Creating the annotation framework
    annot = ax.annotate("", xy=(0,0), xytext=(-40,40),textcoords="offset points",
                bbox=dict(boxstyle="round4", fc="grey", ec="k", lw=2),

    # Function for storing and showing the clicked values
    coord = []
    def onclick(event):
        #global coord
        coord.append(((event.xdata), event.ydata))
        global x
        x =event.xdata
        global y
        y = event.ydata 
        annot.xy = (x,y)
        text = "({:.2g}, {:.2g})".format(x,y)
        fig.canvas.draw() #redraw the figure
    fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', onclick)
    plt.xlabel('Time [hh:mm:ss]')

1.4e+04 is how Python and many other languages display very large numbers. It’s scientific notation, the same as 1.4 × 10⁴ = 14000.0. This probably is the X coordinate matplotlib translated your duration value into, though it’s not obvious how since it’s not the total number of seconds or anything. What sort of object is tr5? That module might have a method to convert back.

Thank you and yes i managed to fix it using your clues. I was expecting to get time in the x-axis but rather it was giving me number of points. I then converted back the number of points to time and this did the magic. Many thanks