0x80070643 FATAL ERROR

Originally installed Python version 3.10.6 which installed and ran with no problems for about a month. Today tried to upgrade to 3.10.9 but canceled mid-update. Now I have all sort of issues!

No matter if I try to upgrade/downgrade to new/old version, try to repair, or even uninstall I get error code “0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation”. This happens in both Python’s installer and in windows programs and features.

Tried to troubleshoot using other posts. Windows is updated and tried installing Python from Microsoft store. Still broken.

@headthruwall, Did you try to uninstall Python and then install it back? Normally, I use an iPad tablet (10th gen) but i cant run .exe files on iPad.
Thank you for reading this carefully.

By @Aaron1233378

Or you may want to uninstall previous versions and go to C:\Users\{your_username}\AppData\Local\Programs then delete the Python directory. After that, run the installer of Python as Adminstrator activate the check “Add to path” and click on custom install.
Here you should have checked anything, just “install for all users” and “download debug binaries” should be unchecked.
Click on "Install" and here you go!

By @Aaron