2019 Core Dev Sprint Location & Date

(Łukasz Langa) #21

I’m fine with the sprint being close to the beta but AFAICT, the PyCon 2019 sprints already cover this well.

I’m fine with September, I was already planning on that date. Sadly, neither August (travel) nor October (PyCon DE) work for me.


(Eric V. Smith) #22

June, July, and August won’t work for me. I’d prefer September, since I already have it blocked off. October might work.


(Emily Morehouse) #23

PyColorado is scheduled for Sept 7-8. It’s not a total dealbreaker for me, I could arrive a day late to the sprint, but I hope that wouldn’t deter other core developers from attending PyCO. :slight_smile:


(Nick Coghlan) #24

I’m not sure I’ll make it to the core dev sprint next year (as if I only go to one or the other, I’ll choose the pre-3.8 sprint at PyCon US), but having the core dev sprint be in London makes it slightly more likely I’ll go to both.


(Ewa Jodlowska) #25

Since September seems to work for the majority of folks that spoke up, let’s move forward with the week of September 9th in London.

Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!


(Barry Warsaw) #26

I wonder if Brexit will be resolved by then, and what it will mean for travel to London.


(Ewa Jodlowska) #27

Antoine mentioned the above so I think for 2019 we should be OK.

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(Marc-André Lemburg) #28

This period will only happen, if the UK does indeed approve the deal which was negotiated with the EU. This may happen by mid-January. If no deal is approved, there won’t be a transition period (hard Brexit).

But leaving all that aside and regardless of the outcome, things will have settled in by Sept 2019, so traveling will most likely not pose a major problem.


(Antoine Pitrou) #29

Thanks for clearing that up @malemburg.


(Christian Heimes) #30

Thanks for the summary, MAL.

Anyhow, there is sufficient time to find another location in case the Brexit goes sideways. It’s most likely, probably, hopefully not going to end like 28 days later…

London is lovely city and an excellent opportunity to see some Monty Python related things like The Foot.



While I had initially said week of Sep 9 would be fine to me, I now have work related event happening on the same week (entire week) in the USA might have to miss the sprint. But I don’t think my attendance will be of importance.

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(Steve Dower) #32

Of course it’s important, as much for you to have an opportunity to freely focus on CPython (or the related projects) for a week as for the rest of us to get to meet and interact with you in person, which for me is the most valuable part of the sprint. It’ll be a shame to miss you this time.


(Ewa Jodlowska) #33

Sorry to hear that it won’t work out. If anything changes as we get closer, I can certainly help you reserve a hotel…even if last minute :slight_smile:


(Larry Hastings) #34

I regret to inform you all that I should have no problem attending CPython core dev sprints in London Sep 9-13 2019. :wink:

One minor wrinkle: PyCon UK starts Friday September 13, in Cardiff, Wales. My recollection is that this isn’t a main-conference day with talks; it’s tutorials and workshops like Young Coders. So skipping it isn’t any big deal. For those of us who plan to attend PyCon UK, it’s probably reasonable to attend the sprint on Friday September 13 then take the two-hour train to Cardiff in the evening and attend PyCon UK starting on Saturday.


(Larry Hastings) #35

I just heard back–Friday Sep 13 is just a normal conference day at PyCon UK. So one cannot attend both sprint and conference and but one delegate be.


(Berker Peksag) #36

I’m a bit late to reply, but finally I will be able to attend sprints this year. I’m moving to Finland next week, so the whole process of applying for a visa will be much less annoying.


(Barry Warsaw) #37

So, are we taking bets on whether Brexit will be resolved by then? :wink: