2019 Core Dev Sprint Location & Date

(Łukasz Langa) #21

I’m fine with the sprint being close to the beta but AFAICT, the PyCon 2019 sprints already cover this well.

I’m fine with September, I was already planning on that date. Sadly, neither August (travel) nor October (PyCon DE) work for me.

(Eric V. Smith) #22

June, July, and August won’t work for me. I’d prefer September, since I already have it blocked off. October might work.

(Emily Morehouse) #23

PyColorado is scheduled for Sept 7-8. It’s not a total dealbreaker for me, I could arrive a day late to the sprint, but I hope that wouldn’t deter other core developers from attending PyCO. :slight_smile:

(Nick Coghlan) #24

I’m not sure I’ll make it to the core dev sprint next year (as if I only go to one or the other, I’ll choose the pre-3.8 sprint at PyCon US), but having the core dev sprint be in London makes it slightly more likely I’ll go to both.