2019 Core Dev Sprint Location & Date

(Ewa Jodlowska) #1

Hi everyone!

Steve Dower suggested that I start this conversation here.

Based on core dev requirements and feedback after September’s sprint, I have been working with two organizations that are interested in hosting the 2019 core dev sprints. Below is a summary of what each org is offering:

  • Pinterest in San Francisco has offered a venue with catering

  • Bloomberg in London has offered a venue with catering and PyLondinium has offered to donate their profit to the PSF towards the use of core dev travel and hotel costs. Their profits are estimated to be $20,000 in 2019, which is enough to cover the majority of reimbursements.

Based on what is being offered, I recommend that we take Bloomberg & PyLondinium up on their offers. Additionally, having it in London should make it easier for some core devs to join.

With regards to the date, does the week of September 9, 2019 work?

A side discussion point: we don’t have a formal selection process for the core dev sprint venue and date, but let’s work on something after a new governance model is selected.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to respond here or contact me directly: ewa@python.org.



(Antoine Pitrou) #2

If I were to participate (but that’s unlikely), London would be much more agreeable to me than the US West Coast. Travel costs would also be lower :slight_smile:

(Brett Cannon) #3

To me it only seems fair to consider Europe after having 3 dev sprints in the States.

(Łukasz Langa) #4

I would welcome a European core sprint as well! @pablogsal already advertised this option to me quite convincingly.


London sounds good, but I will require travel funding.
Week of Sep 9 also works for me.

(Nathaniel J. Smith) #6

I’m less likely to make it if it’s in London than if it’s in SF, but I assume there are other people with the reverse situation, and it’s only fair that they get a turn :-).

Thanks Ewa for taking care of this!

(Gregory P. Smith) #7

London works for me. Travel there might be a new challenge for some given it won’t be Europe anymore. Keep an eye on that mess.

(Antoine Pitrou) #8

Looks like there will be a post-Brexit transition period until 31 December 2020 where many of the current rules will be upheld. But I suspect UK will be able to have its own immigration policy indeed (it already had, at least partly: for example it wasn’t in the “Schengen zone”).

(and of course travelling to the US is its own mess)

(Victor Stinner) #9

With regards to the date, does the week of September 9, 2019 work?

That’s the worst month for me. My children are going back to school, it’s the month to organize a lot of stuff. Basically, my family denied me to travel in September anymore :slight_smile:

(Victor Stinner) #10

Oh, about the place. As I live in France, London would be much more convenient than San Francisco for me :slight_smile:

(Ewa Jodlowska) #11

We’d plan to have the same reimbursement process as we did this year.

(Barry Warsaw) #12

I haven’t been to London in years, but at least my passport is up to date. Let’s see how post-Brexit goes.

I currently have no conflicts with September 9.

(Ewa Jodlowska) #13

Do we want to consider a different month since Victor cannot make it in September?

Does the week of August 5th or October 7th work for folks?


I’m guessing it will be difficult to find a date that will work for everyone :slightly_frowning_face:

For myself, I’m open to travel in any week of Sep 2019 and Nov 2019.

August 5th is definite no for me.

Oct 7 is not great, it will conflict with PyCon DE (Oct 9-11), and I’m planning to be there. The week before or after might work better, especially if the sprint is in London.


Edit: July 2019 also works for me.

(Victor Stinner) #16

If you are open to change the date, maybe the Python 3.8 schedule might help to find another date? For example, there is “3.8.0 beta 1: Sunday, 2019-05-26 (No new features beyond this point.)” Would it make sense to organize a sprint before this beta1? Sometime between now and 2019-05-26. I’m proposing this because I recall that in 2016, the sprint was one week just before Python 3.6 feature freeze (beta1), and it was really productive: we pushed a lot of new features just before the freeze. The drawback is that it’s more work for the release manager to stabilize everything for the beta1 :slight_smile:

(Andrew Svetlov) #17

I need a Visa to visit London, it is not a part of Schengen zone.
Not a big deal I hope but a little inconvinience.

(Ewa Jodlowska) #18

Would the sprint at PyCon 2019 (beginning of May) cover that release?

(Christian Heimes) #19

London and the second week of September work for me. The week of August 5th may also work, but it may be a big close to EuroPython. EP is usually in the 3rd or 4th week of July.


I’m not release manager, but I’m thinking that perhaps it is not great idea to have the sprint too close before a beta release.

I would expect that core sprint 2019 should be for the purpose of Python 3.9.0 alpha 1, not 3.8 (I thought we had core sprint 2018 for that)