2019 Python Steering Committee Election Information


(Ernest W. Durbin III) #1

A PEP has been drafted which defines the election and updates with the logistics are proposed in this Pull Request.

If you plan cast a ballot, please confirm your details in the voter roll before voting commences 2019-01-21T12:00:00Z.

You may update your preferred email address by:

(Gregory P. Smith) #2

Should nominees also list their current employer, if any, when being added to the candidate list?

PEP-8016’s conflict of interest trigger will resolve things if more than two from the same company are selected, so I don’t know if it matters during voting but we ultimately need that info anyways.

(Antoine Pitrou) #3

Well, it’s certainly a useful piece of information to have when voting, in any case.

(Antoine Pitrou) #4

Should the PEP mention a specific timezone for the start and end dates?

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #5

The suggested updates in the aforementioned Pull Request includes this.