2019 Steering Council Nominations Closure

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #1

Nominations need to close with some leeway before voting opens at 12:00 UTC 2019-01-21.

If there’s a nomination you’ve been sitting on, It must be submitted before 08:00 UTC 2019-01-21.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #2

Nominations are final and the ballot has been frozen in Helios based on the status of PEP 8100 at https://github.com/python/peps/blob/3d675543af3db6bf07d26f37f77599d10b60e5dd/pep-8100.rst#candidates.

Voting will open at 12:00 UTC 2019-01-21 (In about 3 hours).

Voters will receive an email based on the contents of the voter roll at https://github.com/python/voters/blob/master/2019-01-21-2019-python-steering-council-election.csv when the election opens.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) closed #3