2021/22 PSF Board Election Timeline

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The PSF board directors and staff wanted to share some details about the upcoming elections!


  • Open call for Board Director Nominations: May 6, 2021 AoE
  • Board Director Nomination cut-off: May 31, 2021 AoE
  • Voter application cut-off date: May 31, 2021 AoE
  • Voting start date: June 8, 2021 AoE
  • Voting end date: June 17, 2021 AoE

You need to be a contributing, managing, supporting, fellow member by May 31 to vote in this election. Email me off-list if you have questions about the status of your membership.

Virtual Member Meetings

The PSF will hold three member meetings, which will consist of video call, presentations, and Q&A. We will discuss PSF finances, PSF program updates, and address any questions you may have, especially pertaining to the elections. More details will be posted closer to May. The times and dates for these three meetings will be:

During this time frame the PSF will be actively watching psf-board.slack.com for questions folks may have related to the election (or anything PSF related for that matter :). To join the Slack, click here!

Just a general FYI: the board is working on proposed bylaw changes pertaining to topics such as term limits. An email will be sent to the membership by the end of March for review and discussion. We will reserve time at each meeting to discuss the bylaws.

Where can I add my nomination?

Interested in running for the PSF board? Check back to Elections | Python.org May 6th to submit your nomination.


The PSF 2021 board nominations are now open. Nominations can be added via: Elections | Python.org.

Nominations will close May 31, 2021 AoE. That is also the last day to become a voting member in order to receive a ballot in June.

The PSF board has put together a job description for those interested in learning more about the role: Interested in running for the PSF board? Read about board responsibilities here!


Thanks for adding that @ewa.jodlowska ! To add onto resources you may need, on the nominations page too there’s a link with Directors discussing life as a Director too!

PSF 2021 Board ElectionUpdate: Nominations are live at Nominees for 2021 Python Software Foundation Board Election | Python.org

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