2024 Core Dev Sprint in Bellevue WA, September 23-27

Hey there, hello!

I am excited to announce that Meta will be hosting the 2024 core dev sprint at our Bellevue WA “Spring District” campus, the week of September 23rd 2024. Please mark your calendars! :slight_smile:

I’m sure additional details will come later. If you have organized such an event before (:wave: @encukou ) and happen to have a checklist or whatnot, please send it my way!

* confirmed with the Steering Council and the PSF


SEA is the nearest airport?


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Amazing, thank you!
OK, I compiled a checklist from my notes and GitHub project. To keep things in one place, I added it to the public copy of the sprint info doc.

DM me with any questions, or to schedule a call.


Nice! (And a good opportunity for us Twin Peaks fans to visit Snoqualmie Falls (again) :film_strip: :evergreen_tree: :coffee: )


Hey everyone!

If you’re a core dev who’s planning to attend the September 2024 sprint in Bellevue, WA USA, please fill this survey by Friday March 22 (~2 weeks out)!

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure - you can change your answers later (up to a few weeks before the sprint) - we just need ballpark numbers for logistics and such.
If you need PSF travel grant in order to attend, please mention it in the relevant question(s) in the form, and wait for confirmation before booking travel.

Same as previous sprints - this sprint is intended for core devs and is in-person only.


Usual late comer again, I just signed up today, happy to be excluded if am too late.

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Same here. I missed this and did not complete the form in time. I just did it, hopefully it’s not too late.

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@lys.nikolaou @nanjekyejoannah you’re good!

With the nominated guests, we’re getting close to capacity, so going forward new signups will be considered “wait-list”. I will send out invites to nominated guests soon™️!


Hi Itamar! I’ve missed the registration for the sprint, is it still possible to count me in?

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Hey everyone, I sent out “further details” emails to all RSVP’d core devs and guests yesterday. Check them out (hope I didn’t end up in your spam folders), and DM me if you RSVP’d but don’t have an email.

Note - we are aware of some confusion with payment when booking through the PSF block. It is expected that the booking requires a credit card (e.g. for incidentals), but it is unclear whether the booking process wants to use your credit cards for the full amount - we are looking into this with the hotel and will update via email.

The RSVP form is now closed, as we reached capacity! If you missed the signup and want to get on the waitlist, please DM me!