3.11.0A5 Uninstall is not working

I tried out 3.11.0A5 and needed to go back to 3.10.2. When I tried to uninstall 3.11 it would not uninstall. I would hit uninstall and instantly it said uninstalled and I looked in the files and 3.11 was still there, I could even open it. I cleaned the temp folder and %temp% and removed the folder. (The last one was a bad idea) Because now the installer still thinks i have 3.11. Any help would be great.

If the installer gives you the option to repair, try repairing. Then try to uninstall again.

Okay done, Still won’t let me uninstall :joy: Now I have 3.11 that really is stuck.

Is 3.11a5 installed just for you or for all users? I’ll try to install it the same way to try to reproduce the problem.

needed to go back to 3.10.2.

You can install and use 3.10 without uninstalling 3.11. If you added 3.11 to PATH, use the GUI environment variable editor to remove the installation and scripts directories from either the system or user “Path” value, depending on how you installed. Then define two environment variables to force the py launcher to prefer 3.10: PY_PYTHON=3.10 and PY_PYTHON3=3.10.

Just for me.
Can you step me through on how to remove 3.11 from path? I did ad it to path. Also I do not have admin rights on my computer.

Click on the start button, and type “environ”. This should find “edit environment variables for your account”. Click on that, and then double click on the “Path” variable in the user variables. This should open a dialog with each path entry in a separate text box. Select each entry that contains “Python311” or “Python311-32”, one at a time, and click the “delete” button. Then click the “ok” button. Back in the main window of the environment-variable editor, click the “new” button to add PY_PYTHON and again to add PY_PYTHON3. Both of these variables should have the value 3.10. Click “ok” to close the environment-variable editor. This sends a message to make Explorer reload its environment, so newly started programs that you run from Explorer (e.g. start menu, run dialog, double clicking an icon) will have the updated environment.

Thanks. Done. But there is still one thing. If i try to uninstall python it still won’t uninstall. My disk is only 256 GB and 170 GB is used. Space is important. Is there a way for the uninstaller to Uninstall 3.11?
Edit: Fixed Removed the python folder again (Because of the repair) and now 3.11 is uninstalled and the uninstaller no longer sees it. Thank you.

If running py -0p at the command line no longer shows 3.11 in the list of installed versions, then you don’t need the PY_PYTHON and PY_PYTHON3 environment variables.