3.7.7 schedule accelerated, cutoff now 2020-03-02

The current plans for 3.7.x call for two more quarterly bugfix releases, one at the end of March and the final one on 05-27 exactly two years after the release of 3.7.0. There have been a number of important bugfixes identified and merged since 3.7.6, the most recent 3.7.x release in 2019-12; in particular, there was an inadvertent regression introduced in urlparse in the 3.8.1 and 3.7.6 releases that has impacted some third-party packages. The regression has been reverted and now released in 3.8.2 and we would like to get that revert out to 3.7.x users soon, along with all the other fixes for 3.7.x that have accumulated.

3.7.7, the next bugfix release for 3.x, was originally scheduled for the end of March but, to get it out faster, we are accelerating and compacting the release dates. The new cutoff date for the release candidate is now two weeks earlier at the end of Monday 2020-03-02 AOE. That is this coming Monday, less than a week from now. After a one-week testing period, instead of the normal two weeks, 3.7.7 final will be released on Monday 2020-03-09 assuming no release critical issues are identified by then.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you know of any problems these schedule changes will create. The dates for 3.7.8 and beyond remain unchanged. I’ve included them from PEP 537.


3.7.7 schedule

  • 3.7.7 candidate 1: 2020-03-16 (was expected)
    3.7.7 candidate 1: 2020-03-02 (now expected)

  • 3.7.7 final: 2020-03-30 (was expected)
    3.7.7 final: 2020-03-09 (now expected)

3.7.8 schedule (last bugfix release)

Last binary releases

  • 3.7.8 candidate 1: 2020-06-15 (expected)
  • 3.7.8 final: 2020-06-27 (expected)

3.7.9 and beyond schedule

Security fixes only, source only, as needed, until 2023-06