3.8 on win7 installer won't run

python-3.8.0-amd64.exe won’t run.
Can I extract python-3.8.2-embed-amd64.zip and copy it over 3.7?

Does the installer fail with an error message? Python 3.8.10 (x64 installer) was the last version that supported Windows 7. But the OS needs KB2533623 to support the required LOAD_LIBRARY_ flags and AddDllDiectory().

No, 3.8 is not a drop-in replacement for 3.7. Many extension modules (i.e. PYD files in Windows) require a specific Python DLL (e.g. “python37.dll” or “python38.dll”) and will fail to load if it’s not the required version of Python. Also, the embedded distributions are not intended to work as a standalone interpreter. The nuget distributions, on the other hand, are standalone and meant to be deployed without registering as a system Python, typically for continuous integration testing.

Hi Eryk,
Thank you for your msg.
I found Windows6.1-KB3063858-x64.msu on an old reddit,
which allowed me to install python-3.8.0-amd64.exe,
which shows in REVO as;
I don’t know what that leaves us with.

KB2533623 was indeed superseded by KB3063858 (Windows 7 x64 download from Microsoft, dated 2015-06-02). One can also install the more recent rollup update KB4457144 (Windows 7 x64 download from Microsoft, dated 2018-09-11). I recommend the latter if you’re concerned with keeping your Windows 7 system updated in general, but the rollup update is a lot more than is needed for just Python 3.8.

You should upgrade to 3.8.10 (i.e. DLL version 3.8.10150.1013). Look over the resolved issues in the changelog from 3.8.1 to 3.8.10.