404 for 3.14 url

Currently you get a 404 when you go to 3.14.0a0 Documentation. The docs updated yesterday, and now there’s a dead link to 3.14 and selecting it in the versions doesn’t work:

image image

Does anyone know what’s going on?

GitHub issue: Add canonical url for 3.14 · Issue #118857 · python/cpython · GitHub

The link in your post works for me?

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It also works for me. Maybe there was a temporary glitch or a caching issue.

That said, I didn’t actually realize that development on a new branch starts while another is still pre-release.

It doesn’t work for me (I already cleared my browsing data):


Edge too:


But it’s definitely not a problem with the site, so you should keep debugging your own computer rather than raise issues about it. edit: well I guess it isn’t your computer, but it’s still not a big deal

It’s also 404 for me. Could be an CDN node cache that needs to expire.

It also doesn’t seem like an emergency.


Is it a CDN-related issue?

How am I supposed to know? How should I test that? (I did confirm with an online browser).

You can ask the wayback machine to archive it: 3.14.0a0 Documentation


You already have an open issue for this with the relevant people involved. Your job is done, you can drop this one. It will be fixed.


It loads now! For you too Chris?

@Nineteendo Could you limit the noise please? It’s great that you reported the issue. It’s not helpful that you appear to be jumping up and down with impatience for it to be fixed and then to confirm the fix. Each message you send potentially notifies thousands of people who cannot do anything about the issue and probably don’t care either.