98% of popular packages are distributed as wheels

Just noticed this and thought it was a pretty big milestone. (Assuming the figures are accurate).

352 out of 360 offer wheels. Of the 8 remaining that don’t offer wheels, many are no longer actively maintained. Seems like only pyspark would be something that doesn’t fit that well as a wheel.



Funny, was literally just looking at this yesterday after quite a while.

Per this thread, docopt may be getting a new release soon. @NickCrews one more benefit to gaining access to the original name.

While future is designed for Py2-Py3 compat, its still been seeing some amount of activity on GitHub by at least one maintainer with PyPI access, and uploading a wheel has been highly requested, so it seems possible and desirable for that to happen.

aiobotocore and sagemaker are both Amazon projects and seem to be quite actively maintained, I don’t see any requests for a wheel and an issue suggesting they at least intend to be producing one, so perhaps it should be raised as an issue there.

I would be surprised if PySpark doesn’t have their reasons for it, and the others (retrying, pysftp and termcolor) are all unmaintained for 5-10+ years.


aiobotocore PyPI Wheels · Issue #944 · aio-libs/aiobotocore · GitHub


I tried future a while ago, but forgot to follow up. I think they’ve closed the PR without publishing wheels Publish sdist and bdist wheel by groodt · Pull Request #536 · PythonCharmers/python-future · GitHub


aiobotocore is now publishing wheels