A basic curriculum for teaching python

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I am going to start a basic class for teaching python to new students who don’t have any background experience in programming.
I would like to know if there is a basic step-by-step curriculum for this purpose and how many months should I consider for them in this learning path.
looking to hearing about your experience.

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Hello, Mr. @Behrooz. I want you to know that I am not a professional Python user or a teacher as you are, but I found this book very useful for starters -I’ve also learned Python generally from that book as it was my first programming language-. It explains everything with lots of examples and it is more qualified and funnier than any other “tutorials”. You can use it as a teaching material if you like. I am sorry for inexperienced-user-respond, but I saw that no one has replied and wanted to share my personal idea with you.

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Dear Sandra,
Thank you very much. I will see that.

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hi i’m very much interested in joining your class, as i’m currently new to the tech world and would love to learn python language