A more efficient way of comparing two images in a python

I have a task where i need to specify the upper left coordinate of the smaller image in the larger image. I implemented this code, however it is too slow since I have a time limit of 20 seconds, and in some datasets I have 3000 images. How can this be implemented more effectively? I can use numpy, scipy and all packages from the standard python library.

import numpy as np

from PIL import Image

map_image_path = input()
map_image = Image.open(map_image_path)
map_ar = np.asarray(map_image)
map_ar_y, map_ar_x = map_ar.shape[:2]

i = int(input())
dimensions = input()

for k in range(i):
patch_image_path = input()

for j in range(i):
patch_ar = np.asarray(patches[j])
patch_ar_y, patch_ar_x = patch_ar.shape[:2]
stop_x = map_ar_x - patch_ar_x + 1
stop_y = map_ar_y - patch_ar_y + 1

for x in range(0, stop_x):
for y in range(0, stop_y):
x2 = x + patch_ar_x
y2 = y + patch_ar_y
picture = map_ar[y:y2, x:x2]
if np.array_equal(picture, patch_ar):
print(str(x) + “,” + str(y))

Depending on how big your images are, this may be an unrealistic objective. You are aiming to process 150 images a second. By contrast, a fast video feed is 25 frames per second, and uses some ferocious compression techniques to achieve that.

Actually, you may find some of the tricks and techniques used in video encoding useful. I don’t have any useful references in Python, sorry.