A Python Operating System for python users

It would be interesting if there was an operating system only for python users that meets minimum installation requirements on simple hardware with a python command shell and that allows us to create GUI interfaces. This way users can build with the python language on this operating system whatever they need. Theoretically it would not be very complicated. A system image with the python language that allows the installation of python packages … What do you think?

Why not install a regular OS and then install Python on it?
It’s true that customizing an OS to have Python from the start is not extremely complicated. (@hroncok is maintaining Fedora Classroom to help teach Python, and it’s not too much work).
But you’ll probably soon need extra requirements on top of “create GUI interfaces” anyway. It’s hard to draw a general line between what’s useful and what’s bloat.

MicroPython will run on bare metal (computers with no operating system
installed). It is designed for embedded systems using small, low-powered
devices such as Aduino devices and Raspberry Pi:


CircuitPython doesn’t yet do the same, but it will soon:

I doubt that anyone will be willing to spend the time and effort to
develop a bare metal Python for OS-less laptops, tablets or desktops.
Especially not to the point where it is functionally on par with OSes
like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. But it might kinda be cool to get Python
running under Free DOS :slight_smile:

Now I’m thinking it might be a fun challenge to see if one could get a non-graphical Python running with coreboot as a fallback when no OS is found, like back in the day when an IBM PC would boot to BASIC without an OS

I’m certain you could get MicroPython to boot in such a situation.

You mean something like GNU Guix but built with Python instead?

In this vein, one of Sugar’s original ideas was to have a “show source” button in every app, but I don’t know if they ever did it: Sugar (software) - Wikipedia

For,*nix systems, xonsh is a Python-inspired shell language: https://xon.sh/

Those with long memories may remember this talk: