A way to get chat users via aiotdlib library API Telegram

Good afternoon. To call the searchChatMemers method from the Telegram Api, I used the python-telegram library. By writing this code:

params = {"chat_id": chat_id, "query": "a", "limit": 150}
res = telegram.call_method("searchChatMembers", params=params)

After several runs I realized that the filter parameter could not be ignored. Having studied the Internet on this issue, I learned that as a filter there should be objects of the ChatMembersFilter class from the same api. I decided to create these objects through the aiotdlib library, because I found this class in it. Next, I tried to create a class object like this:

from aiotdlib.api import ChatMembersFilterMembers
filter = ChatMembersFilterMembers()
filter.ID = chat_id

Somehow get chat participants out of it, since the documentation for the class (here - TDLib: chatMembersFilterMembers Class Reference) says that the class returns users, but I did not understand how to do it. Please help with this!