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Hey guys,
I’m new to python or can say very new. The query is regarding the license plate survey for transportation analysis.
I have an excel file which has license plate recorded acc. to the time interval of 1 hour in it. Now from this data I want to figure out the times license plates are repeating in consecutive fashion without breaking their motion.
I have tried MSexcelbut is not providing the solution that i want.
I need help . I need help.

I have attached the dataset what it looks like

Before code can be written, you must have a logical approach to the problem. What actually should the calculated result be, for the input that you show? What steps do you take to get this answer?

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The calculated result for the input show be the No. of times each cell’s repetition in continuous fashion. The data is arranged in columns representing the gap of 1 hour.
8 am 9 am 10am 11am
l001 l001 l002 l001

In this above example, l001 is repeated 3 times consecutively and then breaks at 10 am, here I want consecutive repetition which means that the answer to my question is 2 times for all.