About the Committers category

The “argument clinic” for Python committers (people with the commit bit on https://github.com/python/cpython and related projects). Open for all to view.

Use this category for things you’d use the old python-committers and python-dev mailing lists:

  • nominating new committers
  • announcing new PEPs
  • complaining about commits that broke something
  • discussing release management
  • discussing infrastructure changes that affect other committers
  • discussing technical topics related to CPython that shouldn’t be a bug tracker issue

If you’re a committer but Discourse doesn’t know it yet, go to https://discuss.python.org/groups/committers and request access.

If you’re not a committer, you can use the Users and Ideas categories.


I don’t understand if the Committers category is open to everybody or reserved to core developers. Once you write that you write “people with the commit bit” but then “Use this category for things you’d use the old python-committers and python-dev mailing lists”. python-dev is open to everyone and I would like to see a new category which would directly replace python-dev. Would it be possible to create a new “python-dev” category? (Or try to find a better name?) For me, python-ideas and python-dev are very different mailing lists. ideas is more to discuss design, dev is more to discuss the implementation.

“python-dev” is the list to discuss the implementation of CPython. Maybe call it “CPython implementation” to make it very explicit?


Anyone can read, only core devs can write.

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My feeling is that anything that should involve Users, including PEP discussions and other things related to CPython should happen in the Users category. I don’t see a point of creating a python-dev equivalent. When we end up needing sub-categories and tags there to make sure we can find the core-related things easier, we will do it then.

I think it’s rather beautiful to have design discussions and so on in the users space. With “python-dev” I always felt it’s like users are a second-class member of this mailing list. Let’s not try to replicate that here.

Since we all have the same accounts for the entirety of the Discourse installation, if any user notices a discussion happening on Committers that they can’t contribute to, they can let us know to move it if it’s better placed in Users. It’s now easier than ever for the community to follow committer discussions.

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I am more interested by discussions on the implementation rather than on the design. So I am no longer subscribed to python-ideas. I unsubscribed because there was too much traffic and I was unable to follow it. I would prefer to have on category for design and one for implementation, to be able to follow discussions.