About the Typing category

Discussions involving typing in Python.

Previously this was the typing-sig mailing list.


Not sure what is the expected scope of this category. Does this category welcome any kind of contribution or is it rather expected to be for “experts” first? For example does the following linked topic belong in this category?

And also should also all discussion tagged with typing be moved to this category?

In scope:

  • I think this category is generally concerned with ideas for extensions to Python’s typing system and syntax. That is, the Typing category is a subset of the more-general Ideas category.
    • This is consistent with the purpose of the original typing-sig mailing list, which this category was created from.

Out of scope:

  • Questions about how certain code works that happens to use a lot of typing syntax should generally go to Help.

I’d argue that topic would be better-filed under this Typing category.

Not always.