About vulnerabilities in Cpython native code

Hi all,

I am currently doing some research on the security of CPython. I used the open source vulnerability analysis engine, Infer(https://fbinfer.com/), to scan the native code of CPython 3.10.0.

The scan results show that there are still a number of vulnerabilities in the CPython native code, such as Null dereference, Uninitialized variable, Resource/Memory leak, etc. Moreover, I found that some of the vulnerabilities are related to Python/C API. I enclose the vulnerability report for your reference.

Based on the research of the result, I tried to design a tool to automatically detect and repair vulnerabilities in CPython and make this tool available. See:

GitHub - PVMPATCH/PVMPatch: # PVMPATCH: Towards Bug Detection, Rectification and Evolution in Python Virtual Machines

Python is my favourite programming language. I sincerely hope that I can help Python become stronger and safer. I hope this discovery can be useful for you to develop Python in the future.